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Membership Information

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Download a membership application here

Membership Policies

Winter Membership Now Available

  • $500

  • Membership runs through October 11th 2023- April 26, 2024.

  • Includes a $100 discount off of any 2024 Membership Class.

Membership Policies:

  • Weekday Membership Monday-Friday except Holidays

  • Members can make tee times for Mondays and Tuesdays on Fridays. Tee times for Wednesdays on Monday. Tee times for Thursday and Friday on Wednesday. Tee times accepted from 8:00amto 6:00pm by contacting the Pro Shop or online at

  • No tee times will be taken during league play. Only league members can play from 3-6pm on Weekdays.

  • A double tee start is utilized on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the peak season. Tee times start at 6:15 am and end at 8:22 am with play starting off of both tees.

  • The course will be closed no more than 20 weekdays to the members due to outside events.

  • Tee times are strongly recommended.

  • The Club maintains the right to suspend or expel the playing privileges of anyone who willfully undermines or jeopardizes the golfing experience of fellow members or guests of the Club.

  • All Weekday memberships are paid in full by April 1. Memberships are valid from 4/1/22-3/31/23.

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